Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Lamb Shanks in the Cyberstudio

This week I had the most interesting experience and a very large compliment to boot.

Upon my arrival home from a journey on family matters, I received an email requesting a recipe, bio and so on, as input to feature my blog and recipes on Radio Sonder Grense, the national Afrikaans medium broadcaster in South Africa.

And the request came from none other than Nina Timm, intrepid cook, food blogger, mother. The list seems endless. Her blog goes by the name of My Easy Cooking.

Well, after catching my breath, I found a simple recipe that suited the winter weather here in Cape Town. A lamb shank stew. One that we have made at home regularly, that I know works well. No use in showcasing a recipe that is prone to failure!

The recipe and other info was duly submitted and the arrangements made for the interview.

Now this is where the cyberstudio part comes into play. Nina asked me to be in a place where one would hear the wind and the sea, since she was interviewing the Hungry Sailor. Part of the scenery, so to speak. So I decided to go and sit on the Gordon's Bay Yacht Club roof deck. A vantage point second to none with a beautiful view.

Working in a cyberstudio means that you do not really have to sit in a stuffy study at home!

The interview went without a hitch and Nina prepared the lamb shanks using my recipe and in a fashion that I am humbled by the presentation!

This blog post authored by Johan Zietsman.

Last updated on 2013-06-18

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